Edging Closer by

 Nick Banks

    Preview evening:
    Friday 9th June

6pm - 8pm


The evening kicks off with food kindly supplied by

 The Earl of Pitt Street

Situated within a stones throw of St. James' Park,

the cuisine reflects management's involvement in the old Newcastle 'Barn Again/Asia' and 'Electric East' restaurants.




Newcastle After Dark explores the city at night; a dense fabric of interior spaces catering for excitement and excess, that spill out onto the streets and urban spaces in between. Nocturnal environments of the city - the bar, pub, nightclub - are well understood through their economic and social geography, but there have been few comprehensive, architecturally-led surveys of spaces of intoxication, despite their significant influence on the identity of post-industrial cities across the UK.

Paola Ciarska
Coming Along Nicely
9th Feb until 22nd April


'Coming Along Nicely' with Paola Clarska. Her first solo show since graduating from Newcastle University 2016. Ciarska work addresses the over-sharing of private information we witness on a daily basis turning us into self proclaimed voyeurs, and how those voyeuristic qualities have become attached to our daliy life rituals. It is an exaggerated, humorous commentary on people being people. People with smart phoned and even smarter Face book responses.

The paintings have a physical presence that far exceeds their small scale. Each work is packed with painterly detail. Rooms are filled with the trinkets of modern life, decorated with reproductions of modern masters and adorned with fairy-lights, all set against a psychedelic (and mildly suggestive) patterned background. Ciaraska enjoys the labour od a marathon painting session, getting lost in the haze os its intricate, obsessive application.

Since graduating from Newcastle University in Summer of 2016, Paola Ciarska has exhibited at the Kinggate Gallery in London, and at the Exchange Rates Exposition in New York, as well as being involved in several projects in and around the North East, including at the Baltic Centre Prize, with one of her paintings becoming part of Hatton Gallery Collection.


2015/2016 PROGRAMME: