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paintings by Virginia Bodman

Exhibition runs Friday 19th Sept- Friday 31st Oct
Opening Hours:

Thursday 11.30am - 6pm

Friday 11.30am-6pm

Saturday 11.30am- 4pm



Colour is the most important non-verbal communication.

John Gage, Colour and Culture.


Virginia Bodman uses colour and the erotics of paint to create an all-female cast of characters whose dress hints at a variety of meanings and possibilities. The figures act out obscure dramas in spaces that hint at the exotic, the domestic and the dislocated.  The figures are drawn from a range of historic and contemporary sources and appear in scenarios with uncertain outcomes. These shifts of figure, dress and spatial behavior will make you ask, “What’s going on here”  

Altered Space 6: Bank

Peter Berhbohm

Installation is viewable from the rear of the building on St. James Boulevard twenty four hours a day.

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