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Ali (books still available)

The Visit

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image courtesy of Locus+

Limited edition, Linen bound publication in presentation case

£80 (only available from Globe Gallery)

The King of South Shields,  DVD £12

As part of our fundraising efforts Globe Gallery is working in conjunction with Newcastle Evening Chronicle in exhibiting and selling a publication commissioned by Locus+. The book contains rare images of Muhammad Ali alongside which Globe Gallery will present press images taken of Ali’s infamous visit to Newcastle in 1977. To accompany the above, ‘The King of South Shields.’ a Bridge and Tunnel production, will also be screened.

‘The King of South Shields’ is the story of how an individual can have a lasting effect on the lives of other people. Film director Tina Gharavi talks to the Yemeni-British men who met Ali when he visited the North of England in 1977 and had his wedding blessed at the Al Azhar Mosque, the first purpose-built mosque in Britain. South Shields is in many ways one of Britain’s more neglected towns, but has had a vibrant Arab connection stretching back to the 1890’s.

In 1974 Bill Peronneau was given the rare opportunity to photograph Muhammad Ali at his training camp at Deer Lake, rural Pennsylvania. The images capture Ali preparing for his contest against the brutal, undefeated George Foreman in Zaire, Africa.  Ali would go on to win the “The Rumble in The Jungle” fight of 1974, infamously regaining the world heavyweight boxing championship title that was stripped from him when he refused to serve in the Vietnam War seven years earlier.

Intimate access was given to the photographer to the cabin which Ali used as his personal retreat where he trained without the glare of the press. Here he would ‘centre himself’ in preparation for some of his most famous contests. In contrast to his immensely contentious public persona, as shaped by the publicity images that we are all so used to, Ali allowed Peronneau to photograph him in a previously unseen way. Away from the ‘star system’, here Ali is exposed and unprotected, as the images show him carrying out daily activities in a private space:

‘There is no performance here: though we have no actual proof, other than the photographs themselves, we cannot help thinking that this is real.’ – John Burnside.

These limited edition books present rare photographs taken in 1974 and include an essay by author John Burnside. The linen bound hardback books have been donated from the Locus+ Archive to contribute to Globe’s fundraising efforts. Globe Gallery is a not for profit contemporary arts organisation working with artists and projects aiming to break down the stigma attached to mental health issues. Globe is currently operating on a fully voluntary basis and proceeds from sales will contribute towards the continuation of its work. Five pounds from every book sale will be donated to Parkinson’s Disease research.


This exhibition has been made possible with the generous support of, sponsoring the production of the images and text panels. We are immensely grateful to them for their support

As we enter our 21st year of presenting exhibitions and events we are profoundly grateful to the hundreds of people who have been involved in the many strands of Globes development and continuation. Many of the people who were there in 1995 when we first opened  in North Shields remain committed to the work of Globe  and its desire to bring Contemporary art to the widest possible audience, in particular those who would not normally come to galleries and experience the amazing work produced by artists both in our region and worldwide.

Globe has benefited immensely from the relationships, developed and maintained over the years and now more than ever we rely heavily on this support.  At a time when the arts have suffered significant funding cuts we remain grateful for all the help we receive via in kind support, volunteers, our board and management committee, Joanne Walker, Carole Grimshaw, Janet Schofield, Nicky Harrison, and Andy Inman. And for this exhibition Locus+ archive. 

Also a special thanks to Stephen O’Driscall who has kindly lent us his Muhammed Ali Autograph for inclusion in the exhibition.

Image courtesy of Locus+



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