The Globe Gallery


Welcome to 2016 @ Globe:

As we welcome in 2016 Globe Gallery are delighted to be taking part in the Newcastle Creative Quarter Block Party. 19 organisations occupying venues in New Bridge Street West, Pilgrim Street and Market Street are opening their doors to the public from 7pm until 11pm on Friday 29th. At Globe you will be greeted with a collaborative installation curated and installed by our volunteers and interns, Namita Vijayakumar, Justas Bo, Marty Clement, Cheryl Batey, Helena Rogers, Yaman Shao, Genevieve Stone and Peter Cook. We will also be inviting you to participate in our We The Living project and presenting information about our upcoming programme for Spring 2016. Many thanks for your continuing support and look forward to seeing you.

We the Living

Our project, We the Living. Conversations about life and death and everything in between is ongoing and to date we have worked with a number of agencies and participants during our previous exhibition as well as introducing the project to the Mental Health Market Place event which was hosted by Discovery Museum during June. This project is in partnership with Launchpad and VOLSAG (the Voluntary Sector Advisory Group), its aim is to use Globe’s exhibition programme to create discourse about issues surrounding mental health. The topics of suicide and mental illness are difficult to broach but at some point in our lives (whether directly or indirectly) they are likely to affect us all. Sadly, the nature of mental health issues and the fact that they can be challenging to discuss means that many will suffer in silence rather than get the help they might need. But when we face the facts – for example, that suicide is the biggest killer of men between the ages of 20 and 49 – it becomes clear that action is needed to break the silence and dispel the stigma surrounding mental health.

Visit us at Globe, contact us, join our mailing list or watch this space for more information.

The Blossom Tree

Globe and House of Objects have put together a unique interactive installation in which a tree will “blossom” before your very eyes. Visitors will have the opportunity to write a personal message to a loved one on a ribbon; our volunteers will demonstrate how to fashion them into beautiful blossoms and attach them to our living tree. Trees are a symbol of life: of both physical and spiritual growth, of both sturdiness and transience. Blossoms are associated with the coming of spring, and their arrival brings joy to people all over the world. But their beauty is short-lived; not unlike our own human experience. The Blossom Tree is a work which acknowledges this impermanence and celebrates the beauty of our lives, allowing people to express their love in a manner which is simultaneously private and communal, writing concealed messages both to those who are living and those who have passed on. Once in bloom, The Blossom Tree will serve as testament to the fragility and preciousness of our lives. Its message is an important one: through love, solidarity and strength, we the living can face our own transience.