About us


Established in 1995 Globe Gallery is a Not for Profit organisation. We have a long history of working with regional, national and international artists. Our aim is to bring contemporary art to as wide an audience as possible, support artists through exhibition opportunities, provide volunteers with a great learning experience and work closely with our community to encourage greater participation in the arts.

There are a number of ways in which you can support the gallery:

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What makes Globe

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Investor Certificates

As part of our ongoing fundraising activities, we are asking people to invest in our organisation.  You can invest in any way you feel is most appropriate from your time, your skills, donating materials or equipment, or cash.  In return for your investment, you will receive one of our specially designed, limited edition 'Investor Certificates'. These certificates are available for a minimum donation of £25.

We have seven unique certificates to commemorate your investment, each of which has been specially designed by artists committed to our cause. Every certificate is one of 150 limited edition giclée print on Hahnemühle FineArt paper, and all are signed and embossed with a 'Globe Gallery' seal.

Certificates have been kindly designed by the following artists:


Alexander Gorlizki (New York)

Antonio Riello (Italy)

Ant Macari (Newcastle)

Ben Jeans Houghton (Newcastle)

Chris Donald (Northumberland)

Chris Dreier (Berlin)

Helen Edling (Sweden)



You can volunteer your time, help us invigilate exhibitions, paint walls, hang shows etc and become part of the team keeping the Globe going.


Purchase from our Plan Chest

You can purchase original artwork or limited edition prints by regional, national and international artists from our Plan Chest collection. All commission on sales goes directly into our programme. Please visit our shop, or visit us to see a full range. Currently not available for purchase online, please contact info@globegallery.org for more information.


Donation Box

Large or small, every penny counts. We have a donation box for small change and appreciate your donations. We really hope you enjoy your visit, tell your friends and become regulars, and that through your valued support we are able to enjoy a bright future of great exhibitions, events and great art for everyone!