A recent graduate of Newcastle University, Daniel Jagger is an upcoming artist in the North East. Having written his undergraduate dissertation on Hogarth and Freemasonry, Daniel was inspired to explore the questions that his research raised through his art practice. 

Freemasonry exists in the space between the historical and the speculative; this is where Daniel situates his pieces, objects of seemingly historical knowledge that retain a degree of speculation and mysticism that appeals to a conceptualised gallery space. Daniel’s works are mainly sculptural; objects designed for a specific function, yet a function that will remain elusive to the layman. 

Jagger’s 2008 work Eavesdropper is a piece that references the masonic penalty for spying; the spy, or ‘cowan’ would be made to stand under the eaves of a house in the rain until his shoes filled with water. The Globe has an artist’s proof print of this piece.   


Information compiled and written by Michelle Kaczmarek, July 2011.