Gareth Hudson
Everything was Beautiful 
and Nothing Hurt Work III

Showing until 20th May 2016

Tuesday - Friday  3pm - 7pm

Photo credit: Daniel Charlton


The electronic signals emitted by the brain at the time of death have inspired Work III. Using light and sound, the work aims to explore the nature of mortality and encourages us to think about our own experiences of death and our attitudes towards it.

For Work III, Gareth collaborated with Andy Hanson, an EEG Technologist at Newcastle University’s Institute of Neuroscience, to record his own normal, healthy brain waves. A custom piece of software was then used to simulate what would happen to these waves during a fatal cardiac arrest.

The results were interpreted into music for a string quartet, composed by Phil Begg.

The new installation aims to evoke aspects of the work of German philosopher Martin Heidegger, who suggested that in order to lead an authentic life, a person had to live with the concept of their mortality close to them.

As with Work I and Work II, the theme running throughout is that of transcendence and the notion of the sublime.