Current exhibitions

3 new exhibitions:

Helen Edling, Marvellous travels on water and land
Yvette Hawkins, Places our paths might cross
Yvette Hawkins, Forty-three houses and a Ford Escort
(Includes our first show at Dovetail.)

Exhibitions open: 24th March to 26th May 2012, Wednesdays to Saturdays, 11.30am to 5pm (not open on Bank Holidays)


Helen Edling

Marvellous travels on water and land

Edling's new works effortlessly span a multitude of spheres. Her creations whisper tales of fantastical journeys to distant places steeped in European folk theatre, early modern masquerade and the carnivalesque world of Gothic circus.  Edling's world is playfully disturbing and beautifully grotesque.


Yvette Hawkins

Places our paths might cross

In Places our paths might cross, Hawkins traces real and imagined journeys through layers of folds in carefully crafted new lands. Two dimensions become three in Hawkins' beautiful new largescale landscapes, playing with familiarity and encouraging closer survey.  This work is presented in both Globe and Dovetail. 

Yvette Hawkins

Forty three houses and a Ford Escort

Forty three houses and a Ford Escort presents a personal interpretation through distinctive modular sculptures and folded maps plotting Hawkins' amazing tally of forty three homes to date.