Recently graduated and currently living in Gateshead, Iris Priest is working to evolve her art practice, developing her emerging profile in the art world. Iris’ work shows an interest in the internal; the paintings and sculptural pieces that she produces explore the inside of rooms, bodies and minds. Using ornamental figurines found at car-boot sales and second hand shops, Iris has created a series of small sculptural pieces. The figurines are broken open in places, displaying the intricate internal organs that Iris has delicately painted inside

Globe also has a couple of works from the series of miniatures ‘Specula and Other Stories.’ In this series Iris Priest explores in tiny yet intricately detailed paintings what she describes as the ‘phantasmagoria inherent in contemporary visual culture’. Priest examines the ways in which our perspective of the world is distorted by the popular media. She draws the compositions of the pieces from similarly miniature images in newspapers and magazines.

Information compiled and written by Michelle Kaczmarek, July 2011.