June Yun is a Vancouver based Chinese-Canadian artist. She was educated in Anhui Normal University, graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing with a major in painting. She continued her studies in England and has a Master in Fine Art from University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.


Many of Yun’s works confront Chinese and Western artistic traditions, they also combine her Chinese upbringing  with Western artistic influences. One of her most important groups of work is ‘The Strawberry Field’(2000) which includes videos and digital prints. It directly relates to the way in which Yun experiments in an attempt to find her own visual language after she arrived from China. The freedom to express herself, however she wants to express herself, enabled her to try a very non-Chinese approach to expressing her ideas on canvas.


Yun has previously exhibited at the Globe in 2011 in the exhibition ‘fastforward >> NCL’ with other graduates from Newcastle University in Fine Art BA and MFA, including Angus Braithwaite, Helen Edling, Chris Grygiel, Joseph Hillier, Leonie Lachlan, Martin Newth, Victoria Rance, Claire Rowlands and Andrew Wilson. The exhibition showcased how artists have developed their practices and careers since graduating from the Fine Arts Department. Her works, Silk Green, Lemon Wind, Mountain and Cloud and Sandy Drawing, (oil on canvas, 2009) are currently exhibiting at the Globe.

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