Mark Fairnington’s work is situated at the bridge between science and fantasy. He creates intensely detailed and realistic paintings of zoological specimens that are reminiscent of illustrated zoological books and the 19th Century enthusiasm for the study, exploration and possession of the natural world. Recently his work has focused primarily on the extensive specimen collection of London’s Natural History Museum

In the past, what wasn’t known had to be invented, to a certain extent, and this is apparent in An Audience for Birds, a piece of which the Globe have a Gicléé limited edition print. Hundreds of birds are placed together in a seemingly imaginary setting, crowded into one tree. Each bird is represented with photographic realism but the effect of the unrealistic setting creates a scene of fantasy.

Information compiled and written by Michelle Kaczmarek, July 2011.

An Audience for Birds can be purchased at the Globe Gallery. Click here to to visit the shop.