The Lion of St. Mark on the Clock tower in St. Mark’s square, Venice

Hi Andrea, tell us a little about yourself…

I am 23 years old and I’m from Venice, Italy. I am studying Asian Languages in my home town and since I could, I decided to use this semester to gain some experience in a foreign country, hence why I am in England now.

That sounds very interesting! So which of the Asian languages are you studying an how did you choose them?

Since I was always interested in far away cultures, especially in Asia, I decided to study mainly Korean and Japanese because the world is wide and I want to “grasp” as much of it as I can, especially considering that you can’t learn a language without getting a clear idea of the country where it’s spoken.

How long have you been volunteering at Globe?

Almost for 3 months.

Where would be your dream place to live?

A sunny place with constant 25-27 °C all the year and a beach near my house.

What would make you happy?



Chocolate, interesting things, interesting people.

You say you like interesting places and interesting people – what does make them interesting?

By “interesting” I mean everything/everyone that is out of my every day life, catches my attention, makes me think in different ways than usual and that shows me a new point of view on the world.


Bad food, bad weather.

And finally, what are your plans for the future?

Now I am going back to Italy to finish my studies, after that I’d like to continue to gain experience in a foreign country, either in England or somewhere else.

We hope you will choose England and thank you for your answers, Andrea!