Hi Charlotte, tell us a little bit about yourself….

I’m 22 and I graduated from Newcastle College in 2007, I was there for five years. I studied Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation and Creative Practice. I love putting effort into anything creative even if it’s not my speciality.

We love books, from ‘The Very Hungry Caterpiller’ to ‘Art at the turn of the Millenium’. What is the last book you read, and why should we read it?

I’m currently reading through Agatha Christie’s ‘Murder in Mesopotamia’. I’m a huge fan of murder mysteries and this is the first Agatha Christie book I’ve ever read. She’s a classic writer and I can’t think of a better reason to read her books (especially since you won’t run out of books to read very quickly).

A big part of volunteering on the V involved programme is about getting to know your local community, and getting involved with the people and places you find there. Tell us about some of the V @ globe initiatives and projects that have been inspired by this aim.

I was involved in the recent exhibition at Globe Hub in North Shields called ‘A Natural Transition?’ which included an interactive feature. This feature allowed the public to leave their messages about areas that needed cleaning up in the North East and these messages will be passed on to people who can do something about it.

How long have you been a v volunteer?

I’ve been a volunteer since December 2008. I joined because a friend of mine, who was also unemployed at the time was volunteering and told me it would be a good way to exercise my creative talents and make contacts with other artists.

What other types of v volunteer activities have you been involved in so far?

I helped with the last few weeks of making blinds for Floor Plan 2 and I was involved in the exhibition ‘A Natural Transition?’ where I also submitted my own piece of work to be displayed.

We would love to know what your passions and interests are…

I love sketching and my favourite past-time is creating and designing characters. I’m very passionate about illustrating and I also love to write my own stories.

And finally, what are your plans for the future?

I’m hoping to either find a place in a company as an illustrator, preferably in character design,  or set myself up as a freelance illustrator and create an on-line portfolio.

Thanks for your time Charlotte!