Hi Elsa, tell us a little bit about yourself….

I am 23 and I come from Lyon, France. I am studying History of Art in my country but I’ve decided to take a gap year to get some experience in England. I am still wondering why I chose Newcastle but I really like to live here it is so different of what I was used to.

When did you start volunteering at Globe?

I’ve been a volunteer since April 2010.

We are curious…what was the last book you've read?

Since I am in England I haven’t read a lot, I love books and I am a fast reader but in English it takes me a while and it’s easily frustrating. I don’t know what was the last book I've read but the last one I really liked was A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole.

We would love to know what your passions and interests are…

I am interested in a lot of things but if I had to choose something in particular it would be : COOKING. I am not an artist, just a viewer, it’s easier and less risky for your ego…so cooking is my way to be creative.


Walk on the grass with no shoes/ wine&cheese/red Haribo’s crocodile.


Obese pets/thunder/airports/answering machine.

And finally, what are your plans for the future?

I’ve planned to stay longer in England but I also have to finish my studies so unfortunately I will have to go to France…one day.

We are very very happy you are with us now!