Matt D.

Picture I took for my photography course

Hey! My name is Matt, I’m 16 and I volunteer with the Globe gallery.

I do various courses every week like photography and computer graphics, these courses help me boost my artistic skills.

I have been volunteering at the Globe for a month now and I really enjoy it, and the friendly environment.

The last book I read was Of mice and men, which is very interesting book as the author fits a brilliant, detailed and emotional story into such a short amount of pages.

My dream place to live would be the Maldive islands, they look so nice in pictures!

Now, imagine if you could live in Maldive islands - what kind of life style would you have?

Living in the Maldives just looks like a paradise, so I imagine my life style would be relaxing!

Likes: Being with my friends on a nice day.

Dislikes: Too much snow!

In the future, I hope I will be doing something to do with Photography! And living comfortably.

We will keep our fingers crossed for you Matt! Thank you for the answers!