Hi Rosie, tell us a little about yourself!

Where would be your dream place to live?
This one is easy Barcelona. Its such a boho city with a magical vibe. From one corner to the next the buildings jump from mad gaudi houses built so they encourage communal living to art deco delights. I would choose to live in the Rocofort area because of the beautiful palm lined streets and the street cafes where to can watch the world roll by. The best sight is just off the rambles, its a spectacular market full of colours and sounds to delight every sense. it would be a joy to shop in.

Pencil or Pen?

There is no simpler pleasure than finding a pen (bilografo, thats the spanish) that flows along the page and leaves an even shape on the page. The guilty pleasure of smelling makers pens!

What is your favorite spot (pub, club, gallery :), hill, etc.) in Newcastle upon Tyne?

That would be pink lane, its a whole micro city! There are so many little hidden side streets that lead to little hidden gems of pubs and old buildings. It has one of the best bars, the fourth. Which has a wooden floored, great music and 4 different gins. all the elements needed for a great night.