Virginia Bodman show

October 24, 2014

I have been a volunteer at Globe for almost a year (since last November ) and Virginia Bodman’s
LIGHT/DARK/DARK/LIGHT  has to be my favourite show so far.

A clash of colours hits you as you enter the gallery.  Fluorescents with pinks, purples, greens, flat silhouettes, dissolving silhouettes, menacing silhouettes within richly coloured abstract landscapes and interiors scenes.  Balanced  perfectly between looking just unfinished and at the same time being absolutely complete.  
Trippy and absorbing patterned figures inhabit ambiguous spaces.
On the ground floor paintings titled ‘Twins’, 2012,  ‘Headless’, 2012-14, and ‘Nautch’, 2013,   are painted in oil on acrylic on cotton . In ” W-IN-W”, 2012,  a   fluorescent  silhouette quoted  from Gainsborourgh  typical of much of Bodman’s work in this show  sits in a romantic landscape of greens .
On the first floor paintings such as ‘Last of the Line’ 2014, ’Missing Person’2013-14, and ‘Hoffman and the Governess’ 2012,  almost reference pop art .
On the second floor in ‘ Some Time Ago’  2014, The figure of a female  dancer stretches out between two green sculptural masses that hint at a slightly robotic form on the left and a possibly middle Eastern male figure on the right.  In ‘Three Women’ 2013-14, an orange silhouette merges and emerges from a green background whilst to the left the familiar Gainsborourghesque figure is cloaked in a costume of magentas blue, green and browns. In ‘Family Photo ‘ 2014 (possibly one of my favourites ) five figures are beautifully composed in front of  a black backdrop in purples, magentas , pinks finished with several strokes of green.
Anyone interested in colour should see Virginia Bodman's show.

Family Photo, 2014

Cheryl  Baty  October 2014

How to Capitalise on Future Trends - talk by Joanna Feeley, Director of Trend Bible.

October 17, 2013
Today Globe hosted a talk on trend forecasting by Joanna Feeley; director of home & interior geared forecasting agency Trend Bible. Trend forecasting is, in its simplest form, tailoring your marketing/brand around future expectations such as overall consumer trends. Subjects such as nostalgia (Cath Kidson), emotional response (recession), and surprise (9/11) were covered as factors towards trend changes.

The talk itself was basically a beginner’s guide to forecasting trends, and how the in...

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Toby Heaps & The British Science Festival

September 10, 2013



 The twisted, surreal world that is “The Monster Club” came out of Sage Gateshead artist in residence Toby Heaps’ mind, straight onto the white walls of the Globe Gallery. The work displays gnarled, urban landscapes inhabited by the aforementioned “Monsters” – dark, almost comic-style individuals and creatures from all walks of life.

A live DJ playing throughout accompanied the preview event, o...

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Josy (Joe and Posy) at the Globe Gallery

June 20, 2013

Last summer, Joe and I visited Globe Gallery for an Afternoon Tea Party – the weather was dreadful, but we were welcomed out of the rain with cups of tea and slices of cake by the hospitable staff and volunteers of Globe.  That was the first time either of us had visited the gallery, and we were amazed by the work (Yvette Hawkins’ 43 Houses and a Ford Escort), the space (a converted Co-Operative Bank), but most of all the generosity and professionalism of those working at Globe.  We spoke...

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Prepartaion for the Late Shows with archiGRADS

May 15, 2013
Here at Globe we are working over time to ensure we are prepared for the Late Shows on Saturday. We are creating a participatory sculpture entitled Embedded Union co-curated by Northern Architecture's archiGRAD programme and Globe.

It will entail 500 silver foil cylinders suspended from the ceiling of the first floor gallery that participants will mark with their thoughts, wishes or memories.

Here are some of our team getting things ready for the silver dream that will be created on the 18th o...
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Upcoming Performance - Acts of Memory

January 22, 2013

 On Friday the 8th of March, Globe Gallery will host the 52nd performance of Anniversary –An Act of Memory, a series of solo, collective and multilingual recitations from memory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Artist Monica Ross performed the first recitation in 2008 to mark the 60th anniversary of the Declaration. Since then her project has expanded phenomenally; over the years, hundreds of people from around the world have lent their voices to this celebration ...

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The New American Tourist Review By Massimo Nolletti

January 18, 2013
This work of Gerald Laing from 2005 (inspired by a photo of an American soldier) describes with a touch of pop art and a subtle irony "The new American tourist." In the foreground a silhouette of a soldier holding a camera, in the background the flames of a  burning building, scenes that were part of everyday life for many years in Iraq and Afghanistan. The artist complains of the cruelty expressed by the U.S. soldiers, this meaning is also fully enclosed in the title of another work in...
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Antonio Riello - European Glass Context 2012

December 14, 2012

European Glass Context 2012 forms part of a biennial symposium for European contemporary glass and ceramics on the island of Bornholm in Denmark. Through comprehensive exhibitions, workshops, master classes and lectures, an opportunity will arise to discuss and present the best of contemporary European glass today. This event is motivated by a desire to promote the disciplines and trades of glass and ceramic art at European and global levels.

Murano Hoard by Antonio Riello

To see a selectio...
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Franko B - Heart and Soul

December 14, 2012
Heart and Soul is a new special edition guitar designed by Franko B, made by the students of professor Gildo Pannochia at the Institute of Arts, Macerata and sponsored by Eko, Italia. It was kindly played by Lorenzo Jovanotti during his recent tour of Italy and feature in the video ( lo spetascolo piu' bello dopo il big bang). Thanks to The Institute of Arts, Macerata, Gildo Pannochia, Giovanni Matarazzo and Eko.

Franko B

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Thanks to everyone who made it to the talk

December 6, 2012
Despite the poor weather conditions, there was a good turn out to You Are Here & That Is Something: An Evening Of Discussion. I found Lucy's lecture extremely fascinating, and the group discussion which followed brought to light some interesting elements. To sum it up, a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Darren...your mums cake was incredible :P

We even managed to catch some orbs!

Lovely cakes!

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