Exhibition update: Coming Along Nicely

March 17, 2017

Already one month has passed since Globe opened its doors for the current exhibition Coming Along Nicely, showcasing the fabulous and alluringly memorable work of Paola Ciarska. We are happy to have been left with countless visitor comments, all complimenting the exhibition and praising Paola’s artistic talent.

Aiming to give Paola’s work the recognition it deserves, below we have shared a handful of our visitor comments, each epitomising the exciting buzz surrounding the current show. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did...

‘Fantastic project, amazing installation, one of the best contemporary exhibitions in Newcastle in years!’

‘It’s lovely, endearing and very brave to put so much of yourself into the paintings, congratulations!’

‘What a fascinating and intriguing exhibition, the detail, clarity, colourful depiction, and an approach I’d not seen hitherto, fantastic – thanks’

‘Such a clever, cool idea – ‘everyone’s house is a gallery’. Really brings the seemingly mundane to life’

‘A really impressive series of work that needed to be made by a woman’

‘Paintings offer an amphoral fragrance to the microscopic life of the internal fragmented mind’

‘One view isn’t enough, I need to return and view them again – the works are exquisite, detailed but not fussy, quietly profound, an artist who has created their own original style and vision’

‘Absolutely amazing collection! The detail is unbelievable and everything in each piece made me laugh or made me think, and felt somehow familiar. Would love to see more!’

‘Mesmerising pieces!!! So well put together – the whole space was a brilliantly organised and pertinent whole. Feel very lucky to have seen it and cannot wait to stumble upon future works’

'Truly inspirational, you've helped me with my work so much!'

Come along to see for yourself before the exhibition ends April 22nd. We welcome visitors during our opening hours, Wednesday – Saturday 12:00 – 5:00 pm. 


Gareth Hudson: Everything was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt Work II.

April 21, 2016

I have going through our visitor comments on Gareth’s film and would like to share some of them with you *


Very embracing work- awe- inspiring!


Beautifull – whimsical- dreamlike


I enjoyed the various experience of not knowing whether the visual I was watching was very slow, or incredibly fast.




Superbly considered work… and I was only here 5 minutes!!





So, so, so many questions rushed through my mind...

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Anna & Cee Cee's Experiences at Globe

May 27, 2015

As part of Durham University’s History of Art module, we have been interning at Globe since November, 2014. During our placement, Globe has transformed from a renovated old bank in Blandford Square to the current location at Pilgrim Street. Although it is a much smaller premises moving to the heart of the city centre has its benefits. With close proximity to Tyneside Cinema, a well known and thriving arts establishment,

Starting from George Chakravarthi’s ‘Thirteen’, to the ...

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