Anna & Cee Cee's Experiences at Globe

Posted by Anna & Cee Cee on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

As part of Durham University’s History of Art module, we have been interning at Globe since November, 2014. During our placement, Globe has transformed from a renovated old bank in Blandford Square to the current location at Pilgrim Street. Although it is a much smaller premises moving to the heart of the city centre has its benefits. With close proximity to Tyneside Cinema, a well known and thriving arts establishment,

Starting from George Chakravarthi’s ‘Thirteen’, to the Late Shows, along with our new installation and upcoming community project, ‘The Blossom Tree’, Globe has hit the ground running for 2015; Still operating throughout both the move from Blandford Square and the temporary habitation in Vane art gallery.

 George Chakravarthi’s ‘Thirteen’, currently installed at Globe Gallery until Friday 29th May, is a spectacular exhibition comprising of manipulated photographs of the artist portraying the thirteen Shakespeare characters to take their own lives. The photographs are displayed in large light-boxes, giving an even more striking and eerie to each haunted persona.

 Following the departure of ‘Thirteen’, Globe will display ‘Plan Chest’, a bursting collection of work from artists who have previously or currently work with Globe. Prints and originals will be available to purchase from the Gallery.

Watch this space!