Globe Hosts Launchpad Writing Workshop

Posted by David Coombes on Tuesday, May 26, 2015
As we approach the last session of my group in the Globe Gallery, I realise I'm going to miss it and all the welcoming people.

I didn't know long in advance that the group would be displaced from our normal location in the National Trust building known as the Holy Jesus Hospital (once the Joicey Museum). It wasn't a problem, though, especially as the additional shift from morning to afternoon made it easier for several of my students, and me, to attend.

As it happens this was more important than usual, when we don't pressure anyone to attend every week, because of the sort of game I was using for inspiration. I often use games as the basis for our writing, especially this year when our theme for the year is Where we get our Ideas From. Themes are helpful, especially to a group aimed at people experiencing mental health issues. The game I chose is an example of one of my major sources of inspiration for over 20 years: a roleplaying game. This one is about ghosts and their experiences; possibly a risky strategy, but I am confident I can make it work. This is my third year running the class and every week that people have turned up I have got them to do some writing, and enjoy it too!

We generally talk and/or play games (most of it relevant) for the first half of the session (from 1 at Globe Gallery on Wednesday 27 May but normally from 11am at the HJH), have a break after an hour or so for coffee and biscuits and spend what's left of the second hour writing and for anyone who wants to to read out. It's a friendly little group; recently we've had three or four people other than me attending.

Also there are optional class trips; last night I and one other of the group went to the pub in Heaton to read poetry. We both enjoyed it, but even if you go you don't have to read. I don't force anyone to do anything!

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