From grime to glamour

Posted by Samuel Raybone and Madeleine Donaldson on Thursday, September 15, 2011 Under: New building
Renovation is in full swing on all floors of the gallery. To create a welcoming environment for disabled guests the once gloomy basement entrance has been cleaned up, the walls painted white, and the floor in non-slip grey.

Volunteer Holly cleaning up the basement.


  jonathan unblocking the drain step one.........

 ..... step two was a little more "hands on"!


Volunteer Hannah painting the top floor.   

In anticipation of a series of upcoming events both the ground and top floor gallery spaces continue to undergo a revival. On the top floor the walls are being painted white, and on the ground floor the fermacell boards are being made ready for hanging.

Volunteers Bex, Julia, and Darren (left to right) hard at work creating gallery space.

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