Homelands at the Riverside Community Health Project, Benwell

Posted by Holly and Lucy on Thursday, February 23, 2012

As part of our volunteer programme, we aim to visit different galleries/ exhibitions each week. Last week we went to see Zuzana Hruskova and Marek Šulík's exhibition Homelands at the Riverside project in Benwell. North East based Solvakian artist Zuzana Hruskova and Bratislava based filmmaker Marek Sulik have been working closely with Solvak/Czech/Roma community in the west end of Newcastle. We were lucky enough to meet Zuzana and hear her discuss the project. The exhibit will be moving to the Discovery Museum, opposite the Globe soon. We recommend a visit.

To find out more follow this link.



Here are some images of us at the exhibition, it was volunteer Brain Glaister's Birthday- Happy Birthday Brian!!!

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