How to Capitalise on Future Trends - talk by Joanna Feeley, Director of Trend Bible.

Posted by Adam Hicks and Genevieve Stone on Thursday, October 17, 2013
Today Globe hosted a talk on trend forecasting by Joanna Feeley; director of home & interior geared forecasting agency Trend Bible. Trend forecasting is, in its simplest form, tailoring your marketing/brand around future expectations such as overall consumer trends. Subjects such as nostalgia (Cath Kidson), emotional response (recession), and surprise (9/11) were covered as factors towards trend changes.

The talk itself was basically a beginner’s guide to forecasting trends, and how the individual/business can and should utilise it in their planning to optimise sales and sustainability. It was very insightful to see how certain factors can have a ripple effect on certain industries. For example, the emotional response to 9/11 was fear. However, this lead to a 300% increase in Champagne sales proving that people reacted in a way that lead them to perhaps become more spontaneous. The final point made in the talk was “What does this mean to me?” – questioning whether forecasting is something we should consider in our chosen industries.

Overall the talk was incredibly thought-provoking, and left us with a new found sense of curiosity towards consumerism.