Spontaneous Poetry

Posted by Isobelle Boltt on Tuesday, May 26, 2015
We had a completely unexpected and utterly wonderful visitor on Friday. Jules Clare, local poet, graced us with his presence and regaled us with a choice selection of his beautifully crafted yet punchy and contemporary poetry. On the bus home afterwards, he was struck with inspiration, and scribbled down this poem so quickly that friend Carol was left blown away! He kindly shared it with us and we were delighted and moved.

Global Warmth

Carol and I went global today
We did it in an artistic way
Carol is a meetings meetings chick
On tele her make-ups thick

We perused a Shakespeare Gallery
We couldn’t afford it on our salary
But it’s always worth appreciating art
It can reach minds and break hearts

We are into the wealth of mental health
The paintings portrayed The Great Bard’s suicides with stealth
Yet Carol and I remain Mentally Sound
We live our lives, we get around

The people we met are impossible to forget
There’s Steve’s Voyage of Recovery, Virginally met
Isobelle with her pink ribbons of self worth
Samaritans encouraging people to survive on this Earth

I entertained them with my kind of art
I read poetry from my soul and heart
The audience applauded; they played their part
Emotionally moved to the end from the start

Thanks Rashida for gathering us all together
Peace, love and unity can last forever
Don’t treat each moment on the never never
Appreciate life, be at one with the world and clever.

For more poetry by Jules ("The Jewelster") take a look at his website.