The Late Shows

Posted by Isobelle Boltt on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 Under: Exhibitions & events

On Saturday the 16th of May, it was all hands on deck at Globe in preparation for the Late Shows - the very first in our new premises on Pilgrim Street. In this new, central location - two doors down from Vane's unmissable multistory offering - we had high hopes for unprecedented crowds.

And we weren't disappointed: around 600 visitors streamed through the doors over the course of the night, which was a outstanding success.

Our twenty year history does precede us, but whilst there were plenty of familiar faces, we were also pleased to welcome hundreds of first-time visitors. They were in for a treat, as this year we had a trinity of experiences for attendees to enjoy.

Our current exhibition, George Chakravarthi's Thirteen, provided captivating artwork for contemplation and an atmospheric backdrop for the night's activities. Visitors described it as "groundbreaking", "thought-provoking", "dramatic" and "breathtaking", with one adding, "the sheer ethereal beauty is compelling."

Our interactive installation, The Blossom Tree, proved just as popular, with people of all ages taking part in our blossom-making workshop. Run with the help of Emma Pace and side-kick Nina from House of Objects, the idea was to write a message to a loved one on a length of ribbon; we then showed participants how to form them into a blossom using wire and some recycled netting. These message blossoms were then placed on our living trees in the gallery front - and by the end of the night, they looked truly spectacular. It was really wonderful to see the progression of the tree throughout the evening, but even more wonderful still to interact with so many different people during the workshop. Some were a little reluctant, others doubted their creative ability, but with a little encouragement everyone managed to create a unique flower to contribute to the artwork.

Over the course of the evening, there was also the chance to participate in our Art Raffle. Two lucky winners were drawn, and will be going home with a framed print of Richard Phipp's Ego and a pair of dolls by Claire Davies. I am a little envious I must admit!

All in all, it was a fantastic night for Globe, which could not have happened if it wasn't for our wonderful director, Rashida, our dedicated team of friends, family and volunteers, and all of the visitors who came through the door. To anyone who took part in even the smallest of ways, thank you.

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