Virginia Bodman show

Posted by Cheryl Baty on Friday, October 24, 2014

I have been a volunteer at Globe for almost a year (since last November ) and Virginia Bodman’s
LIGHT/DARK/DARK/LIGHT  has to be my favourite show so far.

A clash of colours hits you as you enter the gallery.  Fluorescents with pinks, purples, greens, flat silhouettes, dissolving silhouettes, menacing silhouettes within richly coloured abstract landscapes and interiors scenes.  Balanced  perfectly between looking just unfinished and at the same time being absolutely complete.  
Trippy and absorbing patterned figures inhabit ambiguous spaces.
On the ground floor paintings titled ‘Twins’, 2012,  ‘Headless’, 2012-14, and ‘Nautch’, 2013,   are painted in oil on acrylic on cotton . In ” W-IN-W”, 2012,  a   fluorescent  silhouette quoted  from Gainsborourgh  typical of much of Bodman’s work in this show  sits in a romantic landscape of greens .
On the first floor paintings such as ‘Last of the Line’ 2014, ’Missing Person’2013-14, and ‘Hoffman and the Governess’ 2012,  almost reference pop art .
On the second floor in ‘ Some Time Ago’  2014, The figure of a female  dancer stretches out between two green sculptural masses that hint at a slightly robotic form on the left and a possibly middle Eastern male figure on the right.  In ‘Three Women’ 2013-14, an orange silhouette merges and emerges from a green background whilst to the left the familiar Gainsborourghesque figure is cloaked in a costume of magentas blue, green and browns. In ‘Family Photo ‘ 2014 (possibly one of my favourites ) five figures are beautifully composed in front of  a black backdrop in purples, magentas , pinks finished with several strokes of green.
Anyone interested in colour should see Virginia Bodman's show.

Family Photo, 2014

Cheryl  Baty  October 2014

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