Based in the North-East, Peter-Ashley Jackson has connections to Northumbria University through the “Artists’ Access to Art Colleges” scheme (“AA2A”). He transforms found figurines through colourful interventions, instilling them with new meaning and significance. 

Peter-Ashley’s work focuses on debates of authorship and notions of originality as found objects are re-imagined into something playful and absurd. His recent exhibition, “What Condition Our Condition Is In”, was well received and represented a break from his ceramic work, including altered postcards, found books and collage-photographic self-portrait work.

The Peter-Ashley Jackson works available at the Globe are all figurine pieces. These are found, kitsch objects, acquired from car-boot sales and second-hand shops, but each is colourfully altered to create a humourous and original piece.  

Information compiled and written by Michelle Kaczmarek, July 2011.