Having been short-listed for the Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2008 and exhibited a solo show in Japan in 2005, Simon Leahy-Clark’s artistic career is internationally well established. Simon’s work is characterised by the alternative mediums he uses and the interesting relationships he builds with them. 

While studying at Middlesex University in 1999, Simon started working on his bubblegum paintings. Stretching out chewed bubblegum in place of paint, these works could be seen as creating order out of chaos, but also as an absurd comment on high modernism and a response to recent contemporary trends.
Simon’s recent work continues this exploration of materials, but focuses on the use of newspaper. The news-stories, pictures and headlines are painstakingly cut from the paper leaving a delicate skeleton of abstract lines, stripped of informative qualities. These compositions are reminiscent of Mondrian’s grids or technical building plans. They are also a reminder of how much information we consume every day.  

With two works accepted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, an upcoming group drawing show at the Burton Art Gallery, and a number of open submissions coming up, Leahy-Clark continues to establish his presence in the artistic community.  

Information compiled and written by Michelle Kaczmarek, July 2011.