Turning up the quiet

Hub- 20.11.10 - 18.12.10
Bernadette O'Toole, James Quin

Turning up the quiet is an exhibition of new work by artists Bernadette O’Toole and James Quin who both recently took part in this year’s Liverpool Biennial.
The title acknowledges a sense of stillness or quiet inherent in both artists’ work: silence before the storm; tranquility in slow amplification.  Both artists operate in grey areas of restricted palettes.
O’Toole’s paintings explore an uncanny world of ambiguity where meticulously constructed floating planes are confined by a palette reminiscent of fifteenth century Flemish portraiture.  The work seems somehow sublime; a world of endlessly shifting textures.
Quin’s work creates a place where conspiracy, paranoia and dislocation dominate; a world peopled by the displaced where times collide in the half-light of dusk.