Value Volunteer Management Campaign 


Volunteering England's Value Volunteer Management Campaign aims to increase awareness of the value and importance of investing in volunteer management.

Volunteers are an essential part of our organisation, and therefore we understand that volunteering can only be truly effective with adequate recognition of, support for and investment in volunteer management.

In 2010 we joined Volunteering England’s Value Volunteer Management Campaign and committed to the following:

  • Involve volunteers in the gallery work
  • Manage volunteers well
  • Dedicate sufficient human resources to the management of volunteers
  • Ensure sufficient financial investment in the management of volunteers
  • Create a robust link between volunteer management and senior management
  • Support the people who are responsible for managing volunteers
  • Train and develop the people who are responsible for managing volunteers
    Communicate the value of volunteer management internally 
  • Communicate the value of volunteer management externally

By increasing value and recognition of the importance of volunteer management we are expecting it to be significantly beneficial to:

  • The participants - by increasing their sense of value and their future employability prospects
  • Staff - because they will feel their work in supporting volunteers is recognised and incredibly important
  • The community - by improving access to structured and worthwhile volunteering activities
  • Other funders and stakeholders - by illustrating how effective volunteer management can achieve a great deal for everyone involved
  • The organisation - by raising the role of individual volunteers, those supporting them, those managing them and the systems we have in place as an essential and positive experience for everyone

We are very proud to be selected as one of 3 case studies for the campaign, described as “a glowing example of volunteer management at its best”.  (Click here to see the case study.)


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