Volunteer roles 

Here at Globe we adopt volunteer roles to varying abilities and interests of volunteers; therefore nobody has an identical role.
Usually volunteers start with one particular role, but later have many opportunities to extend it by combining different tasks from different roles.
Bellow are examples of what tasks each role initially might consist of.


Main tasks:

  • Help with preparing the gallery for the visitors, welcoming visitors, providing them with the information about the gallery and artists
  • Help with sales and all relevant documentation
  • Help gathering audience feedback sheets
  • Invigilation
Other tasks:
  • Volunteers might get involved in other tasks (e.g. website update, archiving, assisting with database management, catering) depending on their skills and interests
Each of the role / task represents the following opportunities and comes with the following benefits:

  • To build up your CV
  • Meet and work with other enthusiastic volunteers, artists and gallery staff
  • Take on greater responsibilities based on individual interests and skills
  • Develop new skills and personal qualities
  • In-house or offsite training
  • Our own Leaving Certificate (applicable only upon successful completion of either part or full-time involvement)
  • Reimbursement of travel and lunch expenses

Main tasks:

  • To assist in the preparation of materials needed for the exhibition / event
  • To assist in the movements of materials needed for the exhibition / event
  • To follow up precise instructions of handling and displaying artworks
  • To undertake other duties as directed by the Programme Manager or other nominated staff member
Other tasks:
  • Volunteers might get involved in other tasks (e.g. assisting with condition reports, (un)packaging of the artworks) depending on their skills and interests
Main tasks:
  • Assist with research and planning of the project
  • Assist in search of the potential partners and liaise with parties involved
  • Assist with the development and coordination of project and activities
  • General administration of project related documents

We welcome ANYBODY interested in volunteering as part of our programme.

If you are interested in joining us - please have a look at currently available opportunities.


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