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Congratulations to Ravi Deepres, Yvette Hawkins and Gayle Chong Kwan.

Fantastic news to share with you and to congratulate three fabulous artists who have shown with Globe over the years, Yvette Hawkins , Gayle Chong Kwan and Ravi Deepres. Commissioned by ITV to create an Ident of the ITV logo for the ITV Creates project. Each artist will have their work televised multiple times over the course of a week each to present between scheduled programmes. They are three of only 50 successful artists nationally selected for this commission. 

Check out artists previous exhibitions with Globe by following this links:

Yvette Hawkins - Nothing to read here

                       Their silence, A language

Gayle Chong Kwan - Cockaigne


Ravi Deepres  


Susanne Strassmann - In Situ Globe Gallery

Artist, Susanne Strassmann (based in Marseille, France) completed a short residency at Globe during October 2018, meeting and painting those who are part of the local LGBTQ+ community. The result is an exhibition that explores aspects of LGBTQ+ life through painting as performance, personal testimonies and experiences in the city and region. In an era where the presentation of self happens through instantaneous process of exchange, an identity captured at the pace of painting forces sitter, painter and viewer to consider with more care and compassion the acts of vulnerability and affirmation that happen every time we really open ourselves up to being seen.

The resulting paintings are on display until 18th of May.
Gallery Opening Times: Wednesday- Saturday, 12pm- 5pm
(Note, we are closed over Easter 19th- 25th of April, 2019)

This exhibition has been made possible with the generous support of Dr Gareth Longstaff and the Queer Media, Culture, Heritage project in the School of Arts and Cultures at Newcastle University.


Vintage Pop Up is Back

 Vintage POP Up is back again!!

Join us on:

Friday 15th of March from 6pm until 9pm

Saturday and Sunday 16th-17th of March from11am until 6pm

Lot of lovely finds from Trendlistr and Susi Bellamys fabulous textile creations.

Christmas @ Globe

 Find unique Christmas gifts from our established collection of art. Exclusive specialist gifts for you and your loved ones.  Huge selection of art with up to 30% off on exclusive pieces of art. 

Celebrate 2019 in style! Our Vintage pop-up shop has returned for the new year. Handpicked vintage clothing for this festive season available in the back of the gallery.

Paola conquers Slovakia

Another successful exhibition for Paola Ciarska only now  in the National Gallery of Ľudovít Fulla, Slovakia.

Click on the image to view exhibition photographs. 



Northumbria University illustration students help to raise £40,000 for survivors of abuse.


Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland


Is a Newcastle-based charity with Northumberland outreach, and one of the oldest Rape Crisis centres in the UK. They provide independent advice, support and counselling for women and girls over 13 who have experienced sexual violence at any time in their lives. Entirely independent from the Criminal Justice System and free to access, Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland is a feminist organisation, run by women for women. In 2018, the charity turns 40 and have a bold ambition to raise £40,000 to help them continue their work in the region.



Illustrations by students from Northumbria University’s Graphic Design degree in response to, and in aid of, Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland

In September 2017, Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland (RCTN), in collaboration with the illustration pathway on BA(Hons) Graphic Design degree at Northumbria University, challenged 2nd year illustration students to come up with designs for new saleable merchandise to help the North-East charity towards its ambitious target of raising £40,000 in its 40th anniversary year.


RCTN set the illustration students three key words to interpret into the merchandise; three important words that most women use to describe how RCTN makes them feel after their counselling… HOPE, SOLIDARITY, and LIBERATION.


The students each chose a merchandise category from the list of


Greetings cards, postcards, stationery sets, prints, t-shirts, scarves, tote bags and 

ceramics.  Each created six illustrations. In the exhibition, each illustrator has at least two of those illustrations displayed. All framed work is for sale with the student donating 33% of its sale to RCTN, but 100% of the proceeds from the merchandise will go to the charity.


Josh Aitken’s illustrations were chosen by RCTN to go forward as the design for all the merchandise available to purchase during exhibition at the Globe Gallery,


Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland opened on 17 November 1978, making it one of the oldest Rape Crisis centres in England and Wales.

Initially known as Tyneside Rape Crisis; the charity expanded over the years and now offers services not only in Newcastle but also in Northumberland, where it is known as Grace Rape Crisis Centre.

Rape Crisis centres are women-led and offer a range of support, advocacy, counselling and information in a women-only safe space. Some also provide separate spaces and services for male sexual violence survivors and/or for men who are supporting a survivor.

Geordie Heroes

What do Alan Shearer, Willow the Cow from Ouseburn Farm and mums from across Newcastle have in common? They will all be celebrated in the Geordie Heroes exhibition starting this weekend at the Globe Gallery.

In partnership with The Hero Project, the exhibition celebrates local heroes from all over the city – from famous faces you will recognise, to everyday people who are making a difference. Completely community-led, this exhibition has been created by people all over Newcastle to capture the unique spirit of our city.

There will also be blank models and design materials so that visitors can contribute to the exhibition with their own stories.

Geordie Heroes opens on Saturday 25 August (this Saturday) at 6pm-9pm. It will then be open daily from 10am-6pm until Sunday 2 September. Please do come along.

Globe Gallery Vintage Pop Up Show

Globe Gallery will be hosting a vintage pop up shop on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th of July with items from a range of sellers, as well as a selection of luxury art-inspired interiors products by ex fashion editor Susi Bellamy


Rashida Davison - www.globegallery.org/ (selling from her personal collection)
Trendlistr - www.Trendlistr.com
Susi Bellamy - www.susi-bellamy.com

Angel of the North turnes 20.

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Antony Gormley's Angel of the North celebrates its 20th Anniversary today.

"Gormley said: “The Angel has three functions. Firstly a historic one, to remind us that below this site coal miners worked in the dark for 200 years. Secondly to grasp hold of the future, expressing our transition from the industrial to the information age. And lastly to be a focus for our hopes and fears.”


Celebrate the Angel's birthday with 20% off all photographic prints. Visit us @GlobeGallery.

Another success!

We would like to congratulate Paola Ciarska on another sell-out show and following two reviews in ArtForum and It'sNiceThat.

Check out those articles and have a pick at the everyday life of the "girls".

‘I wanted to tell my story, or more like try to make sense of what my story was, or what I thought it was.’ Franko B


Franko B is an extraordinary, internationally acclaimed artist who has been making drawings, installations, sculptures, and performances for over 30 years.  Because of Love tells the story of his childhood in Italy in an orphanage and at the hands of his abusive family, his journey to London as a young man, his return to Italy many years later as an accomplished artist, and, in between, the story of his life and loves and his becoming an artist.

“Franko B’s was a painful, unavoidably compromised childhood - a tale in which the calm and quiet features of a family have fled, and he is dropped into a future that he had to forge for himself. Stolen from a conventional destiny, his body rises to become a glorious body - a body of art. It is also an eternal body, since there is a bond between the physical body and the art body. This is the condition of his freedom”. 

Francesca Alfano Miglietti (FAM), curator, writer, art historian

“It’s a truly bewildering journey, brutal at times both as life and as punk literature – a back and forth from orphanage to abusive family home, to squat, to rave, club scene, AIDS activism, political protest and art practice – a trail that manages to be alien and yet somehow entirely recognisable”.

Tim Etchells, artist

“Franko B has the capability of showing us extreme strength and fragility at the same time. This can touch our heart at a very profound level”.

Marina Abramovic, artist

“Franko B is the kindest and gentlest of men —his work, however, is utterly unnerving. This book provides important clues to understanding the gap between the two, and why we should pay attention”.

RoseLee Goldberg, curator, writer, art historian

12 January until 11 March

Cześć, Pani Ciarska is the first London solo exhibition by young Polish artist Paola Ciarska.

Cześć, Pani Ciarska chronicles a series of homes of friends, relatives and professional contacts in Newcastle and Gateshead where she lives and works. Among them are the homes of Annabella Marczewska, a DJ, go-go dancer and member of punk transgressors Woman in Revolt; her partner’s parents, retired police officers Pat and Jim McCoy; Paul Moss, Co-Director of Workplace Gallery; Rashida Davison, the Director of Globe Gallery; Kuba Ryniewicz, a photographer and director of the artist bookshop NewBridge Books; as well as Paola’s own home. These all-new paintings illustrate collections of domestic items, art and technology and how they might make up a life, however the occupants themselves are absent, instead their homes are occupied by naked women streaming images to contacts on the outside world.

Paola’s work describes the connections between the artist’s identity, digital communication and social media, and the things we surround ourselves with that make us feel at home. They present a rich political narrative connecting the independence and isolation of place and home within a technologically connected world. Previously Paola has explored both fictional and real lives of others using, as an anchor, a complex history of female representation, shrewdly referencing specific artworks (Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, Dora Maar’s portrait of Picasso, a poster of Banksy’s Balloon Girl) or cartoon characters (Minnie Mouse, the Powerpuff Girls) alongside the paraphernalia of BDSM, camgirls and lifecasters.

Paola graduated from Newcastle University in 2016. Recent exhibitions include: ‘Coming Along Nicely’, solo exhibitions at #GlobeGallery and #Gallagher&Turner, Newcastle (2017); ‘Worried Mother’, curated by #MILK at #WorkplaceGallery, Gateshead (2016); ‘Feeling Safer’, curated by #MarkJackson at #BrooklynFireproof, New York (2016); ‘Curious? Festival’, Bamburgh House (2016); and ‘BRINK’, #Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, (2012).

Paola lives and works in Newcastle and has work in the Hatton Gallery collection.

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