Anniversary - an act of memory 

Artists Talk 21st February,2013

Performance 8th March,2013

Solo, collective and multilingual recitations from memory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

A performance series in 60 acts



Globe Gallery invited people from across  the North East to take part in a collective recitation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) with artist Monica Ross. It was a chance to learn a small part of the Declaration and recite it in public, in your own language, as part of this unique performance. Everyone was welcome and the aim was that the recitation will fully reflect the many voices and languages of North East communities, including Sign Language.


You didn'thave to be a performer or an actor - this was about ordinary people demonstrating that they care about human rights. The emphasis was not on perfect recall, but on the attempt to remember and the difficulty of fulfilling the Declaration’s call to keep it ‘constantly in mind,’ especially when under pressure.


The UDHR is the world’s most translated document and can be downloaded in over 403 languages from



Anniversary — an act of memory is a performance series focused on the importance of everyone knowing about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Monica Ross began by memorising the entire UDHR and reciting it, from memory, to mark the 60th anniversary of the UDHR in 2008. Her aim is to carry out 60 performances by herself and with other people across the UK. So far over 50 performances have taken place in settings as diverse as The House of Commons, art galleries, libraries, festivals, universities and even an opera, with hundreds of co-recitors of all ages and backgrounds memorising and publicly reciting articles of significance to them in over 40 languages.


You can find out more about the project on the website, youtube channel and facebook: