Akio Suzuki

AV Festival

This is the first major solo exhibition by Akio Suzuki in the Uk.  When Suzuki was awakened to the world of sound in the 1960s, he began what he calls 'na ge ka ke' (to cast, to throw) in which he does something to affect nature and then listens to the phenomenon that ensues.  The exhibition includes contemplative installations that are of sound but are soundless: inviting the act of listening and revealing ancient vibrations residing in nature.  Inspired by his visit to the North East coast, Suzuki will place a small stone from Marsden Rock on top of a stack of metal tables, each causing reverberation and rhythm as it dances.  Another work places his Analapos echo instrument made in 1970, inside a long box for visitors to interact with singing holes at either end and wait for its response.
Akio Suzuki is also performing live twice during the AV Festival opening weekend, in a solo performance at the Castle Keep and in a duo with Aki Onda at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art. Tickets are available for these performances from www.avfestival.co.uk. His new commission oto-date Newcastle runs for the whole Festival month and maps can be picked up from Globe Gallery.
Curated by AV Festival. 
Supported by the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation and Japan Foundation.
AV Festival 14: Extraction explores the raw materials that create our experience of the world, from their origins deep in the ground, to their extraction, transformation and global exploitation.  Everything comes from the ground, digging the earth, pulling out material through mining or quarrying.  Extraction creates new landforms, substances and residues, making visible hidden geological strata across vast time periods.
Over a month the Festival re-imagines the geologic, with artists responding to the natural landscape of North East England and beyond.  The curated programme features 11 exhibitions, 36 film screenings, 10 concerts and 11 new commissions. Each weekend has a specially curated focus, from post-colonial cinema to digging for sound.  The dramatic end to the Festival is an unmissable large-scale event on the River Tyne with seminal music group Test Dept.
For more information about the Festival visit www.avfestival.co.uk