Alison Dalwood


Nothing From Something

Altered Space 2

15th June - 26th July 2013

Focusing on the relationship between viewer and the surrounding space through the installation of photographs printed on the reverse of fragile, semi-opaque film, Dalwood's work subtly merges with and alters the existing architecture. Dalwood’s focus is perception and the spectator’s role in shaping both the form and the meaning of the work. By a process of partly dissolving the centre of what’s perceived, her photography echoes the way our peripheral vision is blurred or indistinct, while an emphasis on minimal materials brings into play the viewer’s imagination.  She introduces atmospheric space through images of windows, curtains, traces of old wallpaper, and combines these with a sculptural attention to media and installation. The reflective surfaces she uses simultaneously activate the surrounding space while becoming a place containing movement; the viewer is caught, whether consciously or unconsciously, between perception of the visible object and what makes it visible: light. 

Alison Dalwood exhibits internationally and curates exhibitions with the artist's group which facilitates Chinese artists working in the West and presents exhibitions in Europe and China: Bridge Over Trouble in 2012 and All the Things Between in 2008. She received her MFA from Reading University and BA in Fine Art from Newcastle University. Permanent commissions include Time Visible As moving light, University of Ulster, Belfast, 2007. Her current project, inspired by the 18th Century hand-held Claude Glass, marks a shift in focus from installed work at fixed locations to transient situations or encounters, which allow the relationship between artist, audience and location to become more fluid.

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