The British Science Festival

7th September - 12th September,2013

Globe Gallery participated in the British Science Festival in September, opening with the Electromagnetic Pulse Party and showcasing the HeliOscillator.

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The HeliOscillator

Globe showcases the HeliOscillator,  an audio visual installation created for the University of Sheffield’s Festival of the Mind, plus some fun participatory experiments. The HeliOscillator takes real data of magnetic waves observed in the Sun's atmosphere and translates them into an audio-visual experience.

Electromagnetic Pulse Party

Saturday 7th September

The British Science Festival's opening party. The party was a roaring success, taking place over three floors at the Globe. Visitors interacted with audio-visual installations and  made their own glowing artwork. The marshmallow experiment produced many edible intrigues! The event featured the  warped sounds of Waitress for the Bees, Forbidden Colour, The Turing Test and Razamaz Lorry Excitement. Many thanks to all the visitors and volunteers who got involved.