Floorplan 1

26 – 29 August, 2008


Building on the previous Blind Corner exhibitions, FloorPlan 1 brought a team of volunteers together with artist Claire Davies to create bright window designs based on abstracts from the gallery floor plans.



The project used coloured filter paper supplied by Lee Filters to begin a dialogue with local people about cultural regeneration in the area.



Fran Arnold, Carrie Au, Lija Broka, Nika Broka, Sam Brough, Kar Hoo Chaw, Ma Ka Chun, Lai Ting Chung, Claire Cummins, Daniel Fawcus, Louise de Froment, Yungyi Huang, Moe Inaki, Richard Johns, Yuen Kiu Pollyt Lam, Karen Lau, Wai Shun Lau, Hoi Man Lee, Johnny Legg, Elden Leung, Mengde Li, Shu Li, Deborah Lithgo, Chau Hei Man, Victoria McGuinness, Fiona Morris, Harry Rickard, Stuart Smiles, Tin Wau So, Hannah Teasdale, Michael Thompson, Mau Hei To, Man Hei To, Maple Tsang, Ken Kinny Tsui, Kin Keung Tsui, Neil Watson, Francis Weetman, Ying Mau Wong, Leanne Wylie



Lee Filters

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