Helen Schell

Moon Shot: First Woman on the Moon

18 September - 5 October,2013. 

Mid-exhibition event: 26 September 2013.

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Globe Gallery exhibited local artist Helen Schell’s recent series of artworks, Moon-shot: First Woman on the Moon, which explore the notion of the human colonization of space and the Moon and examine the myths, quasi-facts and Moon hoax stories that exist around space exploration. Schell works in various media, and for this series worked in pen, acrylic and even iridescent paint to add an an astro effect to her work. The series includes imaginary Moon rockets, lunar space stations, and evocative images of the Moon. Smaller works on paper include lunar habitats, the phases of the Moon, and what purport to be ‘Moon rocks’. 

Globe hosted a mid-exhibition event, where there was an opportunity to win one of Schell's unique moon rock sculptures.

Schell is a STEM Ambassador and Space Ambassador for ESERO-UK and was named Astro-Artist of the Month in September by Astronomers Without Borders.