Ron Derham


5th - 17th May 2014
Late Shows 17th May 2014

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Ron Derham joined the Fine Art School of Design at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1969 - initially as a Lecturer in Art Education. Derham  was able to continue his practice of working in etching, monotype, silkscreen and relief printing – interests that he had pursued for several years with work exhibited in galleries within Yeovil, Bournemouth and Nottingham culminating in a solo show  in Kettering, Northampton.  Derham took over the teaching of etching and silkscreen and assumed responsibility for running the Printmaking Department in 1976 (a post formerly held by Richard Hamilton). Derham added to the Department by increasing the existing printmaking options and introduced lithography.

Derhams interests in painting and printmaking are wide and varied.

“I have refused to accept being labeled with a narrow, consistent style and from a creative point of view I need the freedom to pursue areas that affect me emotionally. As I grow older the demands of stretching canvasses and working long periods with engraving tools have taken their toll . The discovery of digital printing has enriched my life. For me there are no restrictions on creativity. The technology is impressive and improving all the time. Artists like David Hockney are including digital printing within their repertoire and I believe its presence will be encountered more and more in the future. For my part I’ve always been concerned with the importance of tone in conjunction with colour and continue to be seduced by bright, vibrant colours that sing."