Yvette Hawkins


Their Silence, A Language

6 November - 9 December, 2009

Hawkins’ work is concerned with the physical acts of looking, reading and listening. Her sculptures and installations encourage viewers to become conscious of their surroundings, controlling and manipulating the way things can be seen, read and heard.

She follows a socially engaging practice, involving members of the public at various stages of the making and presenting process as well in physically interacting with the art works.

Their Silence, A Language investigates the notion of memories, the relationship we have with language and the experience of seeing before reading. One thousand two hundred sculptures made from second hand books form an installation that compels viewers to interact with the space, transporting them into a world of past lives, secrecy and lost stories; an exploration of the hidden spaces of language.

Hawkins is an artist and writer from Newcastle upon Tyne. She makes tactile, engaging and textural sculptures and installations that transform everyday useable and familiar materials into objects that explore suggestion and secrecy.

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