Andrew Burton, Mike Collier, Globe Gallery Planchest


Think Tank @ Hoults Yard

23 April - 21 May, 2010

Globe Gallery are delighted to be collaborating with Charlie Hoults new Think Tank venue to present an exhibition of new works by Andrew Burton and Mike Collier. This exhibition launches what promises to be a new and exciting edition to the development of Hoults Yard. 

Burton’s work explores bricks.  Working in Britain, India and the Netherlands, he forms thousands of tiny bricks from clay and constructs these into various sculptures.  Burtonʼs sculptures are painted or glazed then broken up and reused to produce new works.  This new work represents the most recent incarnation of this continually recycled production. Mike Collier explores the relationship between ecological and cultural ideas through a detailed study of local environments. By overlapping the presentation of text and image, he combines a literal and visual language, using colour as an emotional catalyst.


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Plan Chest 

A selection of Globeʼs Plan Chest works by artists including Alexander Gorlizki, Antonio Riello, Laurie Proud, Stefan Gec and Jock Mooney will also be on sale during the shows. Charlie Hoult, managing director at Hoults Yard, says: ʻWe are working with Globe to add to the range of high quality cultural teams. Itʼs great that they have such respected local artists in their stable and are bringing new, innovative work to the Late Shows event. The yard is really buzzing with the creative input and weʼre becoming a magnet for interesting talent.ʼ Hoults Yard, Byker, is one of Tynesideʼs hidden gems – a 10 acre site, formerly Malings Pottery, built in 1879 and retaining many of the original buildings, nestled just east of Ouseburn. From here, Malings manufactured decorative ceramics (and a million jamjars a month!) to export across the world. Now, HYBY operates as the regionʼs creative business hub for media, internet, PR and design firms. The yard only recently offered some of its unique heritage spaces to artists and film- makers including Gillian Wearing and Coastal – opening studios with the likes of Laura Lancaster, Dan Holdsworth, Yvette Hawkins and Alaric Hammond.  

Rashida Davison, director of Globe Gallery, adds: ʻWe have made a series of changes at Globe recently and itʼs very exciting to be launching the ThinkTank space at Hoults. This exhibition is running alongside our Empty Shop exhibition at the former Boots the Chemist, Monument Mall, showcasing the work of the Internationally renowned artist Franko B and UK rising star Jock Mooney. Think Tank gives us an opportunity to showcase some of our most respected artists in a very original context and Launches our muti venue exhibition programme for 2010.

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