Tides of Change

May – August 2008


vinvolved volunteers Josie Dick and Louise de Froment, second year Fine Art students from Newcastle University ran two workshops every week exploring themes of permanence and impermanence, growth and change in the North Tyneside area. They worked both outside and in the gallery space in order to engage with the community through a wide range of contemporary arts activities.


Twice weekly workshops, output fed into A Natural Transition exhibition. The volunteers focused on the beach, the fish quay, Royal Quays and Swan Hunters.


Neil Watson, Claire Cummins, Sam Brough, Nika Broka, Aaron Guy,Laura Hebron,Charlotte Fletcher, Louise Forshaw, Stuart Smiles, Daniel Fawcus, Louise de Froment, Fran Arnold, Deborah Lithgo,Michael Thompson, Francis Weetman, Johnny Legg, Claire Cummins, Hannah Teasdale, Lija Broka, Sam Brough, Fiona Morris, Carrie Au, Tin Wau So, Yungyi Huang, Hoi Man Lee, Lai Ting Chung, Mau Hei To, Mengde Li, Kin Keung Tsui, Wai Shun Lau, Shu Li, Chau Hei Man, Ma Ka Chun, Ying Mau Wong, Moe Inaki, Yuen Kiu Pollyt Lam, Maple Tsang, Ken Kinny Tsui, Man Hei To, Elden Leung, Karen Lau, Kar Hoo Chaw, Nika Broka, Harry Rickard, Leanne Wylie, Victoria McGuinness, Richard Johns